Adult White Water Coaching Trips

If you are looking to improve your paddling with modern and current techniques then join us on these weekend coaching courses. Here we will look at your personal paddling and set achievable aims for the weekend to help you progress to become a skilful and stylish paddler. We will also send you away with an action plan to help you in your continual development long after the course. We will adapt the course to the groups individual needs and can focus on white water from class I - IV

Skills covered can include:

Maintaining moment on white water

Tracking your boat (lateral momentum)

driving across eddy lines

S Turns

Applying connectivity in the moving water environment


River reading

Using features to our advantage

Cost - With accommodation and breakfast £230

Cost - Without accommodation and breakfast £190


February 13th & 14th 2016

Our coaches are also available for private coaching on a 1:1 or group basis for £160 per day, please get in touch with our head coach Matt to book


Summer White Water Trip - Cardiff International White Water Centre

A day at the Cardiff White Water Centre suitable for all abilities.

Cost - £90

Date - September 3rd 2016


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