Junior White Water Trips

Under 18's - Introduction to White Water - Dartmoor

A course designed to introduce and continue development for young people in Kayak/Canoe/Oc1 on class I/II+ white water.

During this course we will look at your personal skills so that you and your coach can set achievable aims and goals for the rest of the course to work on. your coach will include modern and dynamic river skills that will allow you to style your lines on the river. By the end of the course you will have a developed skill set and understanding of how to run rivers effectively, and be an active member of your group.

What we will look at:

Driving the boat across eddy lines

Maintaining momentum

Tracking the boat (lateral momentum across the flow)

Basics of safety and Rescue

Dynamic river reading 

Using features to our advantage (boofing, surfing)


Pre Course experience:

Be able to control and maneuver your craft with confidence on flat water.

Be confident at capsizing with a spray deck in a calm and controlled manner.

Be under the age of 18.


Dates 18-19th Feb

Price: £220 (includes *transport, Food, accommodation plus expert coaching and guiding)

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*Transport is from Wokingham Waterside Centre or a suitable destination inbetween WWC and River Dart Country park



Under 18's - Intermediate White Water Trip - Dartmoor 

This course is for paddlers who are comfortable on Class I/II+ and looking to progress and apply their skills into the Class III/IV white water environment.

 Included in this weekend is guiding and coaching to allow participants to push themselves under safe supervision of our expert coaches. we include modern and dynamic skills to help you nail and style those difficult lines you may have been struggling with. we look more at white water safety and rescue, river reading and understanding hydrology, boofing, using features positively.


Participants must be confident on Class II+ white water

Skills covered will include:

Driving across eddy lines

maintaining directional momentum

looking to future water

attainments on rapids

Applying connectivity in the moving water environment


River reading

Dynamic personal skills to aid individuals move effectively on moving water

understanding hydrology and picking your lines

Cost £220 (includes *travel, food, accommodation plus expert coaching and guiding)


November 28th & 29th 2015

January 9th & 10th 2016

 *travel is from wokingham waterside centre or a destination on route from WWC to river dart country park

Summer White Water Coaching Trip - Cardiff International White Water Centre

This is a day on white water aimed at all abilities.

Cost - £90 (including travel)

Date - August 31st 2016



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